Hydration Centre fruity

Drinking water does not need to be boring. Put some taste into your water with our clever fruit infusing hydration centre and put some pep into your sips by adding fresh fruit to your drink. No additives and the cheapest possible way to flavour your water.  

 Hydration Centre fruity with citrus fruit


 Slices or wedges of fruit gives your water a refreshing twist

Fruit stays fresh and infuses for a good twelve hours 


Hydration Centre fruity in a mix


The Original Hydration Centre fruity



The Hydration Centre fruity makes proper hydration appealing by infusing your water with added fresh fruit.


Adding fruit to your water with our infuser adds taste and texture and the sturdy but sleek outer casing is certainly eye-catching


The Hydration Centre fruity holds about 650 ml of water - dependent on how much fruit is in the infuser - is BPA free, with a non leak and easy-carry lid


Available in red, blue and black from our shop for only 





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